Wednesday, February 4, 2009

who IS on the other side of this body

You know i was posting below a response and i wrote "i don't even know who is on the other side of this body?" you know these words are so true for me. I have been hiding behind this body so long i am almost afraid to see who is on the other side. I know every pound i lose i am gaining courage and strength. Every inch i am seeing a new me. I really cannot remember being under 300. I have been at 400 since before i went to Florida in 2002. As the pounds come off layers are coming off. I am examining myself and why i got here. Believe me i could tell you down to specifics why? now its time to stand up for myself. To love myself and believe in myself. As i near my 30th birthday i am giving the best gift of all to myself LIFE. This is about more than dieting or losing weight. This is about uncovering and opening up and healing. And finally finding the healthy sized worry free me inside.


  1. I'm so proud of you girl and love you very much! :-)

  2. YOU go Melissa! I like the way you sound....
    Hopeful, Optimistic, READY...

    Have a Healthy Day!