Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good MOST of the time

When i think about the thin people i know none of them eat perfectly all the time. I know the most healthy people who from time to time will indulge with a sundae or some buttery popcorn. But they eat good MOST of the time. Not a cheat day. NOT a cheat week (what the heck is that) and not like we were brought up eating whatever whenever. They make it part of theyre daily lives to eat good. We need to ask ourselves everytime we lift something to our will this effect my body? my mood? my goals? Yeah pizza is great but personally it gives me a stomach ache and its just cheese, fatty meat and white bread... if i want to indulge in pizza i can get a flat bread with light cheese and veggies and it will be just as satisfying to my mouth as it is to my heart and my mind. Over eating and eating bad only feels good for a moment and then you have the reprocutions. Besides weight gain you feel guilty and the lack of nutrients in your body makes you depressed even rage. So today I (and hopefully you) will think before i let anything enter my mouth. IS THIS GOOD FOR ME? Good for me can taste wonderful i have packed up for the day some fiber one with skim milk, strawberries, whole wheat crackers w/2 oz cheese and a few olives, some taboulle and some homemade soup. Its in my little lunch cooler and now i have no exuse not to eat good while at work.

Taboulee is so easy to make and so nutritious

1c bulger soaked in 1c water
1 fresh lemon squeezed
2 bunches parsley chopped
1 bunch scallions chopped
2 tomatoes diced
1 bunch mint about a handful chopped
salt to taste

after the bulger soakes up the water about 1hr you add the rest of the ingredients and mix. This makes enough for a couple days and it gets better as you go. I use a food processor to chop the mint,parsley and scallions

Sunday, March 22, 2009

my big mouth

So days go by and weeks go buy and i try to eat good. I mean how many times can i start again. I guess as long as i keep trying i am not failing. I saw a couple of my cousins the other day and they look so good. How inspiring! Keep up the good work girls. ME??? Its so easy to eat bad. I mean my life is so super busy and eating out is easy not only that but my lovely husband has zero input on the food we eat. The only thing i get after ordering pizza,wings or any other fried disgusting food is ..." i guess we will do better tomorrow" not that i blame him. I cant blame someone else for what I put in MY mouth. This really is about me. I can do good most days but then something happens i get really sad or mad and thats it i am shoveling food into my mouth. Then since i ate bad i will continue for the day then the weekend before i know it its been 2 weeks and i have eaten too many calories to even think of. So here we go again. I will NOT stop trying even if i stay the same weight for the next 6 months i am going to try to be conscious of everything that enters my body. Each time i pick up the fork i will ask is this good for my body? Am i loving myself ? I can love myself with a salad just as much as a burger. Giving my body good fuel is what i need and want. I vow to bring my lunch to work not order out. One day at a time right? ok lets do it