Wednesday, February 4, 2009

mission accomplished

So yesterday i was feeling pretty sick and made myself get up and do laundry,dishes and cook dinner for my love but i really wasnt doing anything more. Last night i told myself i will get up at 8:30 and work out for a half hour before showering and going to work. Usually i get up right at the last minute. So mike woke me up as he was leaving at 8:30. I really slept poorly last night but i got up anyways. I took the dog out and went to the bathroom which left me 20 minutes to exercize.

I did a power walk video so i ended up walking 1 mile and doing some resistance with arms. Not bad for a first time morning workout :) Then i got my fiberone cereal and came to blog really quick before going to work. Ihave my first big bottle of water and will bring a second with me. I am going to be hurting i can already feel it in my thighs and hips. WOOHOO fast and furious. I figure if i can even start with 20 mins in the morning that would be great. Well off to work. Get moving people I cant do this alone.


  1. Your doing great Melissa. Keep up the good work. And believe me I am in it too. Do work.......Get it done. And as the great Danielle says " Don't be a fraud". I am preaching it and I am doing the work. We can do this

  2. thanks Gwen even though i feel sick and am so tired i am keeping on because i want to be at my worry free weight so bad...i dont even know who is on the other side of this body. Love you keep it up your doing great.