Wednesday, February 11, 2009

keep on keeping on

I know everyone has those days when you just do not feel motivated. I have been in a 2 day rut this is going on day 3. I can smile and stuff but i feel sad. I think i have pms. I have still not eaten off plan but i have not been doing very good at tracking my food. yesterday i had

meat w/taboule and hummus
2 chocolates
1/2pb and j on wheat

and thats it but my weight has stayed still for 3 days so i figure no weight loss and feeling crazy emotional must be pms. BUT i dont get my period regularly so i am not sure but i think so ;)
anyways i have to go to work but i will keep on keeping on no matter my mood. YOU KNOW i want to just eat chocolate and pb and mac and cheese and anything else that would comfort me but i turn for support to God and to my husband. I dont need to fill this void with food. I have done that way to long those days are over. I will eat on point today and will not waver. This is for me and for mike and for my future children. Well keep on keeping on peeps.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your rut. I too had a few moments in the same boat. The key is to gain focus and push forward. You can do it girl. Keep it up