Monday, February 2, 2009

i did cardio

so today i did it i finally exercised. I had today off but am home sick with a cold but i decided to go forward and do it anyways. I did a dance exercise tape. It was fun and pretty easy i broke a sweat. I want to get some weights so i can start some strength training. I plan on doing some kind of excersize again tomorrow.

i am feeling very good about myself today. I have worked out and ate on plan all day. I believe its been a good day.


  1. Good for you Melissa! One day at a time. Sounds like this was a great day. I absolutely love this cartoon. Where are you getting these from. I'd love to put one on my sidebar.

  2. thanks i saw this and absolutley loved it i got it off google images copy it to your desktop and then you can have it. :)