Monday, April 6, 2009

100 day challenge

ok so somewhere i saw this flash of the words...100 day challenge... and i thought hmmm i could make a hundred day challenge. So what are the details. Well first off i just need the motivation. Its getting warmer so i want to be out more..move more lose more you know. so here is the challenge... for the next 100 days starting now i will consume:

a healthy breakfast EVERYDAY
either lunch or dinner will be a salad
2-4 servings of fruit a day
5 or more servings of vegetables
less than 2x a week red meat
fish at least 1x week
limit my carbs
eat only whole grains and limited
vegetarian at least 1 meal a week
take vitamins everyday

now how about move it and lose it:

i will walk 2x week
i will go to curves at least 3x a week i want to work up to everyday mon-fri and walk on the weekends hopefully

i will not:
eat sugary empty calorie foods including most breads, cookies, cakes etc.
i will not have any fried food at all no if ands or buts.
i will not make excuses not to

so what do i need from you:?
well if you want to join lets do it the more the better we can set up support for each other and motivation. Also i would like there to be a monetary goal as well so if you want to go in maybe we can all go in 25 bucks each the person who has lost the most percentage of body weight will win the challenge. But really there are no losers...who's ready?

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